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From "Maine's Other Author"TM Tim Greaton



Based on Tim Greaton's Zachary Pill series, this novel takes place 'out of time' when Bret and Zachary try the mysterious magical "friendship rings".  Suddenly 8 years old again, they are forced to find the magical U-Ghoul communicator before it's too late. Joined by their thieving beautiful neighbor Robin, the young werewolf and dragon boy travel through the slime-filled nostrils to face trolls, ghouls, and 

the irritating flying pigs known as Porkasi.


Danger is everywhere as the three friends race across multiple worlds to save the most important world of all...Earth!

This title will be available in hardback, trade paperback and most e-book formats Fall 2011.

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Sample chapters for this title have not yet been formatted.

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"Maine's Other Author"TM
Tim Greaton


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