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Our Privacy Policy

Focus House Publishing will use the information provided by our customers solely for the reasons provided. We do not share information with any third-party organization, and we also do not track or share click-through information regarding our online visitors, whether they be known or are anonymous.  

Financial information is never stored in our offices or databases. All online payments are accepted through approved, secure online merchants who do not share the details of your accounts with any persons, including our staff. Additionally, all checks and money orders are deposited daily, and no copies of those instruments or the accompanying account numbers are kept in our files or databases. 

Third-party links are a necessity in the modern age and we would hope that all of our linking partners and friends would treat your private information with the same respect we endeavor to follow. However, please know that we welcome any notifications about links that are mislabeled, abusive, or otherwise involved in poor use of private information. Though we can't always take action, we do try to respond to any areas of concern. 

Underage Children should always be accompanied by their parents when using the internet, especially when decisions are made about sharing information. Though we do not seek to determine the age of our many fans of youth fiction, we think it's important to disclose that our authors and staff have been instructed to report any signs of child endangerment directly to the police in any given area. We apologize but do not presume to know or recognize who the rightful parents are of any given child in any given circumstance, so police are the absolute only authority we're prepared to recognize. Also, please know that our authors and staff are not trained in recognizing signs of 'child endangerment', so no service or responsibility is intended or implied. Additionally, our authors and staff will accept no liability for the false reporting of any perceived danger.  

Email addresses can be removed from our system at any time upon your request. Though we promise not to misuse your email address or to share it with any third party, you can always respond to any of our emails with "remove from email list" in the subject line. You are also welcome to email us with a similar 'remove' request at any time. 

We welcome any suggestions to improve our privacy policies.






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