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Licensing Agents

Product placement and licensing is becoming ever more important to creative endeavors, and the publishing industry is probably center to the movement and need for varied shared revenue streams. Our company  wel-comes market-related discussions re-garding any intellectual properties within our purview. It's important to

note, however, that though we are a strong player in every negotiation, we do not have sole control over licensing decisions. 

All licensing discussions must start with a written summary of the request with clear indications of geographical and demographical limitations. Also, please be very clear about which property(s) your proposal involves. For instance, several of our authors have characters that cross-over from two different series (the Zachary Pill young adult series & the Heroes With Fangs middle reader series, for instance). So, in those cases we would need to know if your proposal is targeting one, the other, or both? All proposals should clearly state the mechanism for financial remuneration and the terms for any deposits and guaranteed returns. Expected high and low "potential" returns will also need to be considered. 

For movie, TV, or other creative non-product rights, please clarify your relationship with the author (and/or his or her literary agent) and your proposed fiduciary responsibility. Please know that Focus House Publishing will defend the rights of its authors' properties to the letter of the law, so please don't make assumptions without a written instrument. Under no circumstances will verbal claims be construed as legal or binding contracts. 

Please email Carrie Rourke to begin the inquiry process, and be sure to mention the author and/or title of the property(s) you're seeking to discuss.



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