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Coming Summer 2011 in all formats!

Ripped, From My Cold Young Fingers

The sound had barely registered on my ears when, with a twist and a jerk from a forearm that had pulled thousands of lobster traps from the briny ocean, Casey Edd, the highliner of Coldwell Bay, snapped my neck.

My soul fled that accursed house before my thin body even had time to drop to the floor…

 Now dead, Nate is forced to navigate a place where angels and demons fight for his soul, even as his surviving younger sister tries to cope with their brutal past on earth. Will violence and tragedy be their ultimate end? (See More)


Coming Summer 2011 in all formats!

Zachary Pill, The Dragon At Station End
Book One in the "Zachary Pill" series

Having spent his entire life believing he was as normal as every other loser kid in the world, Zachary Pill is shocked when a swarm of bats invade his and his father's Boston apartment--and his father uses magic to fight them off! 


That's when things get really bad. Zachary's father disappears in search of whoever is behind the magical attack. And, just before running off to join him, Zachary's apparently equally magical uncle dumps him to live with a crazy family friend in New Hampshire.


But Zachary soon learns that being forced to live like a slave in Madame Koochie's... (see more).


Coming Fall 2011 in all formats!

Heroes With Fangs
Book One in the "Out of Time" series

Based on Tim Greaton's Zachary Pill series, this novel takes place 'out of time' when Bret and Zachary try the mysterious magical "friendship rings".  Suddenly 8 years old again, they are forced to find the magical U-Ghoul communicator before it's too late... (see more).


Coming Fall 2011 in all formats!

A Terrifying Novel by "Maine's Other Author" TM Tim Greaton


 More information to posted soon!
(See more.)


Coming Summer 2011 in all formats!

Mendel and the Golden Path
A Magical Tale by Veteran Storyteller Marilyn Nulman


Mendel Moss dreams of making seeds grow.  He also dreams that someday his wandering older brother will come home.  As a farm boy, he lives the first dream.  Then a mysterious message from his brother sends him and three unexpected companions on a dangerous journey.  Will he find his second dream, only to lose his first?


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