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Focus House Titles Now Available On  The Nook

Focus House Publishing is pleased to announce that all titles are now available on the Nook, Barnes and Noble's e-book reader.  E-books are becoming more popular every day and here at Focus House we want to make sure that our books are available in the format that our readers want most.  We have worked with our partners to bring you the most formats possible for our e-books.  Kindle and Nook formats are now available and we hope to have other formats available soon.



E-Readers Becoming

More Accessible

Sales of e-books have been on the rise.  This trend has surprised many within the industry, and retailers are working to gain their share of the market.  The most surprising trend has been the increased availability of e-book readers like the Nook from Barnes and Noble and the Kindle from Amazon.

Walmart has announced that it will begin carrying the Nook in early November 2010; while the Kindle is now available in Staples stores across the country.  Both the Nook and Kindle have wifi or 3G networking options.  The increased availability of these readers will certainly have an effect on the number of e-books purchased.



James Patterson, first author to pass one million e-book sales

The Hattchette Group is re-porting that James Patterson has moved more than one million e-book units formatted for systems like Kindle, iPad, and others.

Patterson's recent Alex Cross novel is the big selling champ, not a small feat given that it was just released in e-book and other formats last fall. 

Since his first novel in 1976, Patterson has sold more than 200 million copies.

The lack of centralized tracking of e-book sales leaves no adequate method for double checking Hachette's re-ported sales figures, but this revelation makes sense given that Patterson has sold more than 200 million copies since his first novel "The Thomas Berryman Number" was published in 1976.

Readers Digest cuts yearly editions from 12 to 10. Future may be bleak

Readers Digest is a literature staple that has been enjoyed by warm fires and in relaxed evenings  for decades. For anyone born before the 1980s, it is also best known as the magazines on coffee tables, stacked in hallways, and displayed beside its periodical sibling the "National Geographic" in end-less piles at nearly every yard or garage sale. But like many things, the technological world has changed the nature of the way people receive their news and entertainment. With the rise of the internet and the steady decline of magazine subscriptions, the cost-cutting move by the management at Reader's Digest may stave off insolvency, but what can it do to solve the larger quandary that is the e-revolution.


Focus House is proud to announce  Marilyn Nulman as one of its newest authors

A Maine storyteller who has been fascinating young audiences for years, Marilyn brings a brilliant sparkle to every story she tells. Marilyn's next novel will be released in June of 2011


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