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Shops & Outlets

As our world changes, methods of reaching the purchasing public have also changed. Recognizing this, our company has made it a priority to have our products present in as many different non-bookstore environments as possible. We appreciate your will-ingness to join us on this ever-expanding road of marketing change. Please don't hesitate in sharing your ideas and product experiences with our staff; we'd love to expand on those things we're getting right, and we'd equally like to steer away from any ventures that aren't maximizing your shop's efforts. Together, we're con-vinced that mutual success will always be within reach.

If you have access to standard supply avenues, it might be helpful to know that all of our titles are available through Ingram and Baker and Taylor, so please feel free to place your orders through either book wholesaler. However, if you would like to discuss direct sales and even greater discounts (up to50%) we would be happy to oblige. 

If you would like someone from our sales team to contact you, please email or call  our Marketing Director at (207) 619-0693. 

Shop & Outlet Discount Orders:  Focus House Publishing offers our retail partners 40% off national retail prices and more than 10% off our standard website discounts.  Unfortunately we are unable to offer this discount with online orders at this time.  Please email or call our Marketing Director at (207) 619-0693 to take advantage of this program.

Retail Displays:  We are always happy to provide retailers with counter and or floor displays and posters for any of our products. To discuss your store policies and needs regarding special promotional materials, please email or call  our Marketing Director (207) 619-0693. 

Special Promotional Brochures & Packages: Our sales staff is constantly innovating new ways to attract people to reading in general and to our authors in particular. To that end, introductory brochures, bumper stickers, bookmarks, magnets, and all other manner of promotional items are often available on a limited basis. This is especially true for authors who are actively touring. Please email Carrie Rourke to learn more, and be sure to mention the author and/or titles you're interested in promoting at your retail location(s). 

Author Signing Appearances: Though some of our authors work solely through their literary agents or other parties to schedule events, others ask us to handle those arrangements. Either way, we are happy to facilitate any appearance requests. Please contact Carrie Rourke, and when you do, mention the author or title(s) of his or her books. Carrie will get back to you or see that the parties in charge of scheduling are notified. We are always happy to provide special marketing materials for author signing events.

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