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Ordering Information

Thanks so much for taking an interest in our authors and the incredible stories they tell. Retail and collector editions of all our products can be accessed through order buttons posted on each book's page (just click any book's picture to  reach "Add to Cart" buttons). We currently accept all forms of credit cards as well as PayPal. Our technicians are working on a simplified online mail-ordering form, but for now the best way is to print out your desired book's information page, make us a note of which version you're seeking as well as how you'd like the author to sign your book (if applicable).  You can then mail that page along with check or money order to:

Focus House Publishing 
P.O. Box 627
Wilton, ME 04294

Be sure to add postage costs for each book and an additional 5% sales tax with each order.

For E-book versions, we currently link to Amazon's Kindle bookstore (Kindle versions can be read on any e-reader). Other fine e-bookstores also stock our titles and the list is always growing. Please email us if there is a particular e-version you're having trouble finding.

Thank you again for working with us. If our site has failed to answer all of your questions, please accept our apologies and contact Kevin James so that corrections to programming can be made.




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