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                                                   Ed Carn is a science and technology fan 
                                                           from way back. His favorite magazines since 
                                                         childhood have included Science News and 
                                                      Popular Science. So, it was no surprise that when 
                                                   he took a break from his commercial advertising 
                                               career it was in order to bring his love of science to a 
                                          fictional forum. Unlike many science-oriented writers, 
                                    however, Ed's fiction focuses more on fascinating plots and 
                                        characters than on what he calls "encyclopedic details".  

                        Some of Ed's short fiction works are or soon will be available here 
                on our site. In the meantime, definitely don't miss his amazing "A Warrior 
            Born" novel. We're pleased to say it's only the first of many planned in the
            next few years.  


  Click on the cover below to see more about "A Warrior Born".





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