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When the thirteen warlike ruling species discovered the human race, they ruthlessly killed or enslaved every one of us they could find. But we ran. From planet to planet, from hiding place to hiding place, we scurried for our very lives. Somehow a few of us survived, and even fewer managed to remain free.

When the battle for survival came down to a sole desert planet, one man, a self-proclaimed coward, was willing to stand against them all. One man was willing to fight the most vicious creatures in the galaxy to earn our species the right to exist. 

And so was "A Warrior Born".

Soon to be Available in Trade Paperback, Hardback, and most E-book formats.

Not Yet Available For Purchase. Focus House Publishing price not yet determined.

Shipping to all US locations not yet determined
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Sample Chapters Not Yet Posted Find out more about Ed Carn.

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